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In today’s work world, more and more companies are ethnically diverse and operate either on a regional or global scale. How are you able to communicate more confidently, connect personally, and standout to senior management ahead of your peers in your organization? 

This book shows you the visibility strategies that will get you recognized and rewarded in any organization! It will outline the mindset, tips, techniques, and the five situations where you can make the most impact.  

The author also shares many real-life stories from his Five Percent Zone programs that he facilitates around the world. If you are ready to be more visible and get noticed by your senior leaders, let’s get started



What People Are Saying:

Working hard isn't enough, read this if you want to learn how to truly stand out


The 5% Zone is easy to read, thought-provoking, and replete with exercises to get your mind and your actions aligned with your goals. A good reference tool, I find I can pick up almost any page and get a new idea. The book is about being proactive, and making a difference. Solid advice.

Neil Goldman

What's amazing about this book is that Krempl knows what is going on inside of the heads of people in organizations that are looking to stand out. He meets us where we are and gently talks us through all of our excuses, rationalizations and mind games that keep us from getting noticed. It is a benevolently-spirited book that is tremendously helpful to those of us who know we have what it takes but just don't know how to stand out in an organization. Thank you!

Robert Harpole

Excellent and practical advice for today's global executive

Seattle Jim

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