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 I have personally witnessed Stephen Krempl train very 'green and naive' university undergraduates and have personally witnessed these students truly blossom in their lives after college.

Stephen's very practical curriculum works!!! I personally encourage my students/ clients sign up for Stephen's training programs, and no one has returned with negative feedback. Please keep doing the amazing work you do Stephen! The world needs you!

Sharon Tan Simpson

"Stephen Krempl a phenomenal coach!"


What's amazing about this book is that Krempl knows what is going on inside of the heads of people in organizations that are looking to stand out. He meets us where we are and gently talks us through all of our excuses, rationalizations and mind games that keep us from getting noticed.

It is a benevolently-spirited book that is tremendously helpful to those of us who know we have what it takes but just don't know how to stand out in an organization. Thank you!

Robert Harpole

"Krempl is inside of your head!"


Found this book at the perfect time... 100% of my internal/external communication has recently transferred to conference calls or video chats. As someone who prefers in-person connection I found myself hiding on these calls not wanting to speak up or interrupt a conversation. I picked this up open minded hoping to find an answer to navigating this new normal... One of the first few chapters "Why be Visible" hit the perfect cord:

Love the phrase - if you are not VISIBLE you are INVISIBLE - need i have to say more.

This book changed my outlook entirely and helped me believe that no matter the opportunity there's always a way to standout.

Eric M. 

"A must buy if you're ready to challenge your professional mindset"


Full of stories and tips, this book talks about how you can stand out in the crowd today.
I have listened and participated with Stephen on webinars, taken the videos and now believe in the lessons of the book. The 5% philosophies make a difference, regardless of your level. It is hard to find good techniques that work for us all at work 

 Becky Willis

"Valuable advice from experience"


 The 5% Zone is easy to read, thought-provoking, and replete with exercises to get your mind and your actions aligned with your goals. A good reference tool, I find I can pick up almost any page and get a new idea. The book is about being proactive, and making a difference. Solid advice.

          Neil Goldman

"Accessible, exercises for action, practical application"

“95% of the time you can be who you are, but for the times you need to stand out, you must switch to your 5% zone.”

And that is what this book is all about. Stephen’s book taught me to function at a higher level during key moments of my career – referred to as the 5% zone – that allow me to stand out, not only at the workplace but in many other aspects as well.

This is especially applicable to me, having been brought up in an Asian education system where it expected of students to show reticence in class. The book taught me to grow out of a behaviour that I was so used to and didn’t even realise I exhibited.

If I had it my way, I’d make this a compulsory module for all university students. The lessons I’ve learnt from Stephen has had a great impact to me as a working adult.


"Working hard isn't enough, read this if you want to learn how to truly stand out"