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 Books Published:

1.The 5% Zone: Visibility Strategies that Get You Recognized and Rewarded in Any Organization
2. You’re Hired: Now What Do You Do?
3. GAME On!: A Practical Guide For Winning Workplace Conversations
4. Leadership ER: A Health Check For You and Your Team
5. Training Across Multiple Locations: Developing A System That Works
6. Conversations on Success
7. The Way of the Entrepreneur: 
The Journey of Riches
8. Positively Negative: 
How to Turn Negative Messages Into Positive Ones
9. The Next Right Turn: Making the Right Career Steps In A Digital World 

To be published in 2021:

8. Positively Negative:How to Turn Negative Messages into Positive Ones
9. The Next Right Turn: Making the Right Career Steps in a Digital World 

Articles Written:

Semiconductor Voice Magazine
Wisdom of Developing a Global Perspective
Wisdom of the Wellness Doctor: Optimal Health and Wellness
Wisdom of the Synchronicity Leader
Beyond Hard Work, Smarts and Great Ideas
Wisdom of the Triathlete
Wisdom of the Mentor
Wisdom of the New Agile Leader

Diversity Magazine:
Where Are the Asian Business Leaders?

STAR Newspaper:
Asian Leaders Needed to Lead Abroad
Asians Need the Swagger on the International Stage
The Unspoken Cost of Poor Individual Communication Skills
Verbal Arts Separate the Lions from the Lambs
Where is Your Pipeline of Leaders?


Wisdom of Series (44 episodes)
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